Can You Sell A House That Needs Repairs In San Diego?

Can You Sell A House That Needs Repairs In San Diego

Are you feeling hopeless to get out of your current home because it’s so ugly or damaged that you can’t stand it anymore? Don’t bother; there is someone out there who will want your house – but they’ll only pay the right price for it. So don’t compromise for anything less than what you think your home is worth.

Selling an ugly house can be a challenge, but there are several steps you can take to make the whole process much more manageable. However, never do so without taking steps to protect yourself and your interest.

Here are some ideas for helping you sell a home without spending money on renovations.

1) Sell Your House on Your Own without the Hassle of Real Estate Agents

Selling your home by yourself without a certified real estate agent presence is an excellent idea. You can eliminate the agent’s commission. Hence, your profit may increase up to 8% of the total sale value. Even though it would be awesome if you could sell your home without any help from a Realtor, but if I may ask, what do you need to do to sell your house on your own?

Depending on how poor the damage is, it may cost you a lot of money and time to complete all of the repairs. Plus, if your house doesn’t sell for what you’re asking, that can be pretty discouraging. However, it’s possible to find a buyer willing to buy a fixer-upper. Still, they will typically win the bidding war when it comes down to price – because they managed to negotiate with the seller on a much lower base price by pointing out certain aspects of the house issues. 

2) Think About Using a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House

The traditional way of selling a house is to sign an agreement with a real estate agent. They will market your house and coordinate showings for interested buyers. Agents will advise you about showcasing your home as necessary to give it the best possible showing.

Selling your home through a realtor is an excellent way to make sure you’re getting the most money off your home as possible. They will list it, schedule all of the viewings, market it, and even find an interested buyer in the end who will pay you what you want for your home and not more. They can provide significant help in getting your home sold quickly and for the best price possible. Anyhow, there are a few points to keep in mind. 

If the realtor can’t sell the house, they may require you to make some repairs, so they might be selling it at a higher price. It can be a bit of a hassle, but it’s worth it to get the most money for your home. If you are not interested in making the repairs, you can still sell your home. An interested buyer will likely offer you a lot less than the asking price, but it’s still better than not selling at all.

3) Find a cash buyer and sell your house now.

A cash buyer is like a waiter who buys your house in any condition you’re in. If you’d like someone to sell your home fast, this may be the right option. They’ll buy your house for its current market value, even if it needs repairs. Suppose your house has been on the market for a while, and you cannot get anything done; maybe it is time to sell it to a cash buyer. They will help make all the needed repairs to close the deal quickly. 

Here at Sell home fast, we want to allow you to enter into a new phase of your life by letting go of the property that’s been weighing you down for years. If you’re asking yourself how it’s possible to sell my house in this market, our team can help you with that. We’ve bought hundreds of homes from homeowners just like you, and we make sure the process is quick and straightforward. With cash in hand in just seven days, you can refocus on the future and get back on top of things!


Sell home fast buys ugly houses in any condition. We won’t even make you touch the outside of your property because we don’t want to waste any time remodeling or painting. Not only that, but it’ll save you money since we know how much remodeling costs! We buy ugly houses with no cash down and no appraisals. If you have an unwanted home that needs to be sold fast, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give us a call at 858-284-7778.

Selling an ugly house can be a challenge. When I say ugly, I mean that the home needs some TLC.   Whether you’ve inherited a home and are involved in the probate court system, or you own a home that has fallen into disrepair for one reason or another, either way, you have a few choices when thinking of selling an ugly house in San Diego.

You can sell your home with a traditional real estate agent, who will probably encourage you to do some significant renovations before your home is ready to sell. You could interview real estate flippers who will probably offer 65 cents on the dollar. Or you can go with a Realtor who works closely with sellers who want to put the most money for the property in your pocket and move on. At Sell Home Fast, we are committed to getting you the most money and protecting your interests every step of the way.  

We offer a flexible commission structure that gets you the marketing and exposure you need and accesses to live market information that will cause your home to sell faster, no matter what condition it’s in. Step one is talking to a Realtor to determine the possible sale price minus repair costs. A great place to start, discuss your options with a Realtor, then you can see if it makes sense to make minor repairs or not.

Be emotionally ready to receive some low offers; you won’t be surprised if you are prepared. To net the highest price, work with a Realtor who can help you reject lowball offers.

Remember, it’s perfectly legal to reject any offers; do it for the right reasons, including proposals that are too low and don’t make sense to you. You may also have doubts about a buyer’s financial position and ability to make the purchase. By law, you cannot discriminate, but you can be prudent. The bottom line is, your not going to do anything unless it makes sense to you.

Include in your sales offer “as-is” in the listing. The residential purchase agreement in California already includes an as-is assumption; however, when you add the clause, you are signaling to buyers that you are firm about selling as-is. It helps you avoid buyers coming back with counter offers that include repairs or repair allowances at the end of escrow.

Order a pre-listing inspection. This is one way to tell the average real estate agent the great. Great agents have inspectors they have worked with in the past that do not bend to any external pressures and will tell you and the homeowner like it is. Then you can evaluate if you should make repairs or sell as-is. Perhaps the home only needs minor maintenance and is not as bad as you thought.
Keep in mind that even though you listed the home as-is, you may still get some requests to negotiate either price, repairs, or repair allowances. I will continue negotiating the best deal when I represent buyers on an as-is listing. You cannot receive a discount if you don’t ask. A great agent will help you manage your offers if you are buying, and alternatively will help you stand your ground if you are selling.  
Any negotiation is a compromise; experience shows that buyers are more comfortable making a higher price offer, knowing they can ask for necessary repairs during the inspection phase.

Similarly, when buyers see as-is, some want to run the other way and see this “as-is” clause as a signal that the seller is intractable. This is one of the places where having a great realtor makes such a difference, keeping communication open and staying flexible to all offers that come in.

Tidying up, removing the clutter, and having someone come and cut the lawn and hedges goes a long way toward improving curb appeal. First impressions go a long way; having professional photos at a high resolution of a home that has been cleaned up shows that you care and are serious about selling, and those fresh pictures of an uncluttered home will gain more views and more offers.
Avoid expensive upgrades. Read my recent article entitled, 4 Major Repairs to Avoid When Selling Your House in San Diego.

Keep in mind if the home needs lots of repair work, most regular buyers will not be interested; that’s okay. This is where you’ll need to contact professional real estate investors. The good news is that Sell Home Fast offers both cash offers and complete listing services with no long-term contracts and flexible commission structures depending on whether you find a buyer or not.

Kevin McClenahan – Realtor with Home Smart can offer you the best of both worlds. Give Kevin a call today to discuss your needs and goals at 858.284.7778. If it’s after hours, send an email, and we’ll call you back the next business day, send an email to
He’ll help you take the proper steps to protect yourself and your interests every step of the way. With our proven invested approach, your house will sell for the highest possible price, in the time frame that suits your needs, all with the least amount of stress.

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