What Role does a San Diego Real Estate Agent play?

When you want to buy or sell a home, it can be tempting to do it independently. But it would help if you got a real estate agent to help you because it’s too hard to do it yourself. Real estate agents because they know more than you do about how to buy or sell a home, typically. They know how to make sure you get the best price for your home and find a home you like. A real estate agent always knows what the next step is when buying or selling a home. Fully 87% of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker. Using a Realtor to help buy or sell a home is a trend that steadily rises from 69% in 2001.

A successful real estate agent is a valuable asset to any situation. Their expertise and performance can be seen in the results they achieve for their clients.  

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has lots of data they collect every year. According to NAR, selling your home with a real estate agent can net you an extra $40,000 when compared to trying to sell it on your own. The home selling process takes a lot of time and effort, but with the help of a real estate agent, it’s worth it in several different ways. One significant benefit is risk management. Proper contracts and disclosures need to be included in the purchase or sale of any home. Your local real estate agent or Realtor is an expert in such agreements and will ensure that you avoid future liability by completing the proper documentation at the time of the sale.

As the general public becomes gradually aware of the value of agents, it seems that many peoples are starting to understand the importance of having one.

Don’t Undervalue the Importance of a Good Real Estate Agent.

Finding a good real estate agent might be the most crucial decision you make in your entire home buying process. A great agent may also be able to save you thousands of dollars, avoid the nightmare of paperwork mistakes, and generally makes the experience of buying a house nothing less than enjoyable. And yet, most people never think to use a realty agent. They might read up on local real estate listings, but they never talk to an agent or consider hiring one to help them buy a house.

What are the essential activities of a Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agents are the middlemen between the buyer and the seller. They help facilitate the sale by communicating to the other agent across the aisle in the simplest terms. They do this by screening buyers, giving the seller an idea of how much the property is worth, marketing the property, conducting property showings, facilitating home inspections, and reviewing the results. If repairs are needed, they will often need to be repaired, or a request for deductions will need to be appropriately noted on the agreements when negotiating the contract.  

Additionally, when choosing the right offers, the Realtor works in concert with the funding, escrow and appraisal to facilitate closing on time. At least 382 separate details must be handled when a home is bought or sold. Your Realtor is there to help manage all the details are completed and ensure that both homeowner and homebuyers are protected within the contract agreement. They also do this by providing information about the property, presenting financing possibilities, and filling out paperwork for the closing.

A busy real estate agent has many activities to complete regularly. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Before the listing:

There are many things the agent can do to prepare for a listing presentation or meeting, such as investigating the house, collecting data and demographic information about the city, likely doing an initial exterior inspection of the home, etc.

Discussion with the Seller

A great agent listens to the needs of the client, communicate in a timely manner, and who can effectively negotiate an acceptable deal for both parties. If you are buying a home, you need someone who can help you through the process, explain each detail and help you make the right decisions. If you are selling your home, you need someone who can help you through the process, drive traffic to your home and help you price your home correctly to sell quickly. In both instances, you need someone with integrity, honesty and trustworthiness, good communication skills, and who knows what they are doing. He can navigate each step of the process with you successfully so that you are satisfied and happy with the results. Finally, they clarified that they accepted you as a new client and signed the contract.

Property Preparation and Listing

Here is where the real work takes place. The agent puts in a lot of time and effort to ensure everything happens smoothly. During this phase, they’re working on multiple tasks by conducting an investigation, gathering paperwork/documents related to the house, and writing a summary report listing all information about the home. They need to make sure every single little detail leading up to closing is taken care of as demanded. Lastly, if necessary, they also insert your listing into an MLS database so everyone can see it!

The house is listed on the market.

The agent’s most important role is showing the property and making a great sales pitch to buyers or other agents. With any chance, there will be some interested customers, and the agent can then field and negotiate offers.


During real estate transactions, the inspection stage is when buyers look at the property and decide whether they can live there. This includes evaluating personal needs and requirements, checking out details about how potential problems might be fixed, and hearing from the seller regarding responses to all their questions. Apart from that, appraisals, loan approvals, and closing preparations are all based on such decisions. These stages should be addressed carefully because sometimes things might not go as smoothly as we planned for ourselves or want them to be, which can get frustrating for all parties involved.

Closing a deal 

Provided there are no unforeseen issues. The closing will proceed as planned. Documents will be signed, and complete the transaction.

Hiring a Top Real estate Agent:

The relationships with an agent have been essential. Their network of contacts is one of the most important benefits they offer.

Many houses are sold before they make it onto the MLS, especially in San Diego and other major metropolitan areas, where many sellers are private individuals who don’t want to expose their homes to the public. A trusted agent will have first dibs on those coveted pocket listings. Having access to such lists is a significant benefit.


Hopefully, you’ve found this information to be quite valuable, and it’s made you realize just how important it is to have a real estate agent to help you navigate the world of selling your property. While listing your property for sale on your own may seem like an easy thing to do, you must remember that numerous large and small duties are necessary for the sale to go successfully through, which can cause problems if not accomplished correctly.

If you are waiting to sell your house in San Diego, you’re in luck! San Diego is a suitable place to live and visit, and it’s also one of the most popular places to move to. Call or text Kevin McClenahan, local Realtor, at 858-284-7778 if you’d like to get in touch with a professional real estate consultant. With your permission, let’s talk about your vision for making a move.

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